Pure WPH 80 (900g) - Υδρολυμένη Whey πρωτεΐνη - GoldTouch Nutrition

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WPH 80, is produced from a superior protein source (100% Israel origin) that has undergone a strict hydrolysis process. Whey hydrolysates have high digestibility, they are absorbed fast into the bloodstream and transferred into the muscles at no-time. Therefore, WPH is ideal to consume before/during/after your workout, providing high amounts of amino acids to your muscles, when the need it the most. 


  • full of amino acids, high concentration of BCAAs(5,6g/scoop of 25g)
  • supports normal muscular protein synthesis process and promotes growth of lean tissue muscle mass
  • Refuels muscles and makes recovery after workout faster


Mix 1 scoop(=25g) with a glass of water, or with milk if you prefer. We recommend 1 up to 3 servings daily, according to your weight, personal needs and body goals. To get maximum results from your pure WPH 80, make sure you consume during training or/and directly after training, in order to maximize muscle protein anabolism and facilitate recovery.

Packaging: 900g

Flavor : Natural